“Track+” is a cloud based solution enabling entities monitor their mobile assets and manage site operations more efficiently, helping them increase fleet productivity, improve safety, reduce cost and enhance customer service.

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School Track

“School Track” is a solution addressing school bus safety concerns for parents and school authorities. It tackles student safety and ensure a safe journey to and from schools, while increasing operational efficiency for the adapting school.

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“Infomatix” is an enterprise municipal GIS solution providing a common platform for data collection, storage, authorized and secure access to spatial and non-spatial data. It facilitates municipal management and specific application services.

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City Guide

“City Guide” is a mobile cloud based solution employing maps and location services to orient a citizen or tourist to a specific service or city attraction. The Mobile application content is administrated through a web based control panel.

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“Ads” is a mobile cloud based solution employing maps and location services to guide a potential advertiser towards a specific advertisement board. The Mobile application content is administrated through a web based control panel.

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Field Pro

“Field Pro” is a cloud based solution providing your projects extraordinary mobility. It allows your employees to access project information and tasks anytime anywhere, and manage a good work plan and supervision every day.

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The development of customized applications is often among the most challenging efforts undertaken by an organization. Geomatix specializes in GIS solutions using the best technology platforms. Combining our software life cycle management with our GIS expertise, we can assist in building Mobile, Web and Desktop based geospatial applications, tailor-made to your business requirements.

SDI is at the very heart of GIS field. It is the process of making different datasets compatible with each others, so they can reasonably be displayed on the same map, and so that their relationships can sensibly be analyzed. Geomatix offers its expertise to combine together data of many types to ensure effective sharing of usable spatial data with less time and efforts among different organizations.

Whether it was from land survey, aerial photography or satellite imagery, Geomatix produces on-demand digital topographic maps in all major formats for GIS and CAD systems, from raster maps, 2D/3D vector maps, thematic maps, to customized maps for a wide variety of fields including urban planning, land use cover, environmental monitoring, touristic services and much more.

Geomatix provides premium image processing services to get the most out of geographic imagery. Our services include radiometric and geometric correction, ortho-rectification and mosaicking, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), automated feature extraction and multi-spectral classification. By adding more value to imagery, we make it useful in different application areas.

Through careful examination and evaluation of all processes and procedures, followed by a thorough evaluation of your current condition, Geomatix provides consulting services to assist you developing and implementing GIS solutions. Our team of experienced GIS professionals supports needs assessment, database design, system architecture design, implementation planning, and project management.

Geomatix offers a range of authorized training courses to those who wish to fully utilize the capabilities of GIS. We offer training opportunities to enhance and broaden GIS skills, to keep those skills current with the latest technology and software developments. Geomatix offers its clients training courses in-house at the company training center, or on-site at customer premises.