What is Track+?

Track+ is a web system which enables entities to monitor their mobile assets and manage the site operation in a more efficient manner, helping them to increase fleet productivity, improve driver safety, reduce cost and enhance customer service.

How does it work?

This information is transmitted to Geomatix  Server across a GSM/ GPRS network.

 The vehicle tracking unit calculates the position by precise timing signals sent by GPS or Glonass Satellites.

Intended information is collected by various sensors connected to the tracking unit.

Remote users can monitor the information provided by Geomatix Server on the internet.

Basic Features

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicle’s current location, speed, distance, stop times and even towing anytime, anywhere in real time.

Ignition Detection
You will remotely know the engine status of your vehicle.

Trip Detection
You will know when your trip started and ended in terms of time and location.

Tracks Replays
Draw and replay the historical tracks for the vehicle.

Geo Fences
Set virtual geo-fences where an alert is generated upon the entrance or exit of a vehicle.

Overspeeding Detection
Protect yourself from reckless drivers and avoid traffic fines. You will be instantly notified whenever the vehicle exceeds the allowed speed, with location and speed details.

Instant Notifications
Set speed and excessive idling thresholds and several other. When violated you can get SMS messages or e-mail alerts.


Many reports can be viewed on web and also be exported on schedule via e-mail on excel format or pdf such as:
– Executive summary reports
– Detailed vehicle activity reports
– Violation reports like zone, speed limit, working hours and excessive idling.

Optional Features

Never miss a moment from inside the vehicle. You will receive periodically at a defined frequency, live snapshot captures from inside the vehicle, to monitor the driver behavior and many other things.

Cut Engine
For any emergency situation, whether it was a theft act, or accident, or safety-related, you will be able to turn off the vehicle engine remotely.

Temperature Sensors
You will be able to monitor the temperature in your vehicle. Whether the vehicle’s load consists of medicines, meat, vegetables, or food & beverage, ensure it will reach the destination in good shape and quality.

Driver Identification
Recognize the driver behind the wheel. Using RFID technology, you will be able to detect the driver’s identity whenever he accesses the vehicle.

Door Sensors
Avoid unwanted accidents. If any door of the vehicle is still accidently opened, you will get notified.

Detect Car Towing

Prevent your vehicle from being stolen. A motion sensor will detect your vehicle movement while being towed, and you will get an instant notification.

Fuel Monitoring
This optional feature will urge the driver’s sense of responsibility towards the vehicle fuel filling and therefore prevent fraud and money waste. You can now ensure that the fuel you are paying for, is not going somewhere else than your vehicle.


Interactive Monitoring Interface
No need to install any software. Since it is an authenticated cloud based solution you can log into web using a username and password from any device connected to the internet.

Mobile Apps
At anytime start tracking with any iPhone or Android phone.

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